Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter was great :)

Well the whole weekend-not juuuuust Easter. haha Anyways, Friday I went to Everett's softball practice with Caitlin & Mike and just hung out at the house. Saturday we walked up to the donut shop with my boys for breakfast :) and on the way home we stopped and talked to the sweetest old lady about her plants and her going to the Grand Canyon :) she's so sweet. Then attempted to take some pictures of Rylan for Easter but he wasn't having it so we gave up. We had Caitlin & Mike over to have BLT's for dinner and for us girls to get our bake on. Easter morning started off kind of rough more so just stressful but Everett & Rylan got their easter baskets :D and we went to church at Joshua Springs- I REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY missed being there. It was awesome as usual go Pastor Jerel :)Then we went to Luckie Park for the event the fire department was putting on and to see Loren, baby Ella & Kim! :) Rylan met the easter bunny for the first time too! After we came home & started cooking. The ham took forever but we had quite the feast! :) After Caitlin, Mike, Kendra, Marcus, Everett and I all ate we still had a ton of leftovers which is always amazing. So that is what is for dinner tonight :)Rylan is gettng so big it's unreal! He's so smart :) He's crawling allllllllll over the place now! haha. We had a doctors appointment this morning and he's 18 pounds and healthy. He also got the other half of his shots and didn't even cry at all. So proud of my big man :) We're leaving this Friday for Michigan for a few weeks and I'm soooooooo excited but wishes Everett could come with us :( boooo! I'm super nervous to fly alone with Rylan but I'm sure he'll do great! And we get to see MARISSA! :) Luckily she works at the Dallas Airport so we during our 3 hour layover we get to see our favorite Mar-friend! Can't wait!!! :)

But that's all for now :) Byyyyyyyyyyye

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Busy Bees!

Obviously I haven't kept up with this blog. I'm a slacker what can I say! haha But anyways, things have been busy in our house. Rylan is now cutting teeth-talk about painful for the little guy. He has 2 teeth now the middle bottom ones. :) He cut one yesterday and it's still in the process of growing I guess that's what it would be considered! He started army crawling a few weeks ago and looked ever so cute. But TODAY HE STARTED CRAWLING FOR REAL :) Soooo proud of my little guy. He still army crawls but he did it & that's all I care about. He's starting to eat more table foods now also. I'll share bread, waffles and banana with him. He also really likes peach yogurt melts and the banana& sweet potato puffs. Now that he's teething he likes to constantly chew so we give him a little rice rusk and he mows on that. Hmmm idk what else has been going on but I feel like we've been on the go lately. We went to a game night-well we more just ate & hung out at Amber's. It was a lot of fun though :) Yesterday I went to Yucca with Kendra and our boys and bought a bunch of stuff...random stuff as in Kendra came home with a pool...not a kiddie pool-A POOL :) haha it was fun though. And we had Caitlin & Mike over to bbq...but turned into a george foreman grill kind of night. And Ev invited over his buds-as in like 15 kids to play airsoft in the fields :) glad he had some man bonding time ;) haha. But today is suppose to be beautiful 93 & that calls for a day at the pool. :)

I'll start updating more for the people who actually read this :)

PS. GOOOOOOOOOOOO WINGS BABY! :) Playoff game #2 today..let's kick some Phoneix butt!:)