Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter was great :)

Well the whole weekend-not juuuuust Easter. haha Anyways, Friday I went to Everett's softball practice with Caitlin & Mike and just hung out at the house. Saturday we walked up to the donut shop with my boys for breakfast :) and on the way home we stopped and talked to the sweetest old lady about her plants and her going to the Grand Canyon :) she's so sweet. Then attempted to take some pictures of Rylan for Easter but he wasn't having it so we gave up. We had Caitlin & Mike over to have BLT's for dinner and for us girls to get our bake on. Easter morning started off kind of rough more so just stressful but Everett & Rylan got their easter baskets :D and we went to church at Joshua Springs- I REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY missed being there. It was awesome as usual go Pastor Jerel :)Then we went to Luckie Park for the event the fire department was putting on and to see Loren, baby Ella & Kim! :) Rylan met the easter bunny for the first time too! After we came home & started cooking. The ham took forever but we had quite the feast! :) After Caitlin, Mike, Kendra, Marcus, Everett and I all ate we still had a ton of leftovers which is always amazing. So that is what is for dinner tonight :)Rylan is gettng so big it's unreal! He's so smart :) He's crawling allllllllll over the place now! haha. We had a doctors appointment this morning and he's 18 pounds and healthy. He also got the other half of his shots and didn't even cry at all. So proud of my big man :) We're leaving this Friday for Michigan for a few weeks and I'm soooooooo excited but wishes Everett could come with us :( boooo! I'm super nervous to fly alone with Rylan but I'm sure he'll do great! And we get to see MARISSA! :) Luckily she works at the Dallas Airport so we during our 3 hour layover we get to see our favorite Mar-friend! Can't wait!!! :)

But that's all for now :) Byyyyyyyyyyye

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Busy Bees!

Obviously I haven't kept up with this blog. I'm a slacker what can I say! haha But anyways, things have been busy in our house. Rylan is now cutting teeth-talk about painful for the little guy. He has 2 teeth now the middle bottom ones. :) He cut one yesterday and it's still in the process of growing I guess that's what it would be considered! He started army crawling a few weeks ago and looked ever so cute. But TODAY HE STARTED CRAWLING FOR REAL :) Soooo proud of my little guy. He still army crawls but he did it & that's all I care about. He's starting to eat more table foods now also. I'll share bread, waffles and banana with him. He also really likes peach yogurt melts and the banana& sweet potato puffs. Now that he's teething he likes to constantly chew so we give him a little rice rusk and he mows on that. Hmmm idk what else has been going on but I feel like we've been on the go lately. We went to a game night-well we more just ate & hung out at Amber's. It was a lot of fun though :) Yesterday I went to Yucca with Kendra and our boys and bought a bunch of stuff...random stuff as in Kendra came home with a pool...not a kiddie pool-A POOL :) haha it was fun though. And we had Caitlin & Mike over to bbq...but turned into a george foreman grill kind of night. And Ev invited over his buds-as in like 15 kids to play airsoft in the fields :) glad he had some man bonding time ;) haha. But today is suppose to be beautiful 93 & that calls for a day at the pool. :)

I'll start updating more for the people who actually read this :)

PS. GOOOOOOOOOOOO WINGS BABY! :) Playoff game #2 today..let's kick some Phoneix butt!:)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm baaaack

Hey yall!

I'm back in action :) I'm mainly going to post about Rylan,our food, Rylan food and that stuff now :) I'll put recipes up for the food I make for him and such since people have been asking for it :) I love writing and photography so it'll be a mix of both :) Right now Rylan is sleeping and I should be cleaning but obviously I'm not ;) ill update soon! I am making a new fruit for Ry tomorrow just got to decide which one. Today is the last day of Bananas and he loves them so now we know what will be a constant in our home.

Anyways, have a good day :)

Blessings xoxo
Rylans mommy

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Life doesn't have guarantees but always loved by me you'll be

Three months really? I cannot believe it's been three months since I became a mommy to the most gorgeous boy in this galaxy. He is growing up to be such a handsome little man and I couldn't be more proud to be his mother. I love being with him 24/7 and spending all my time with him. He is starting to become more of his own person with his own little personality, it's truly a beautiful blessing to witness. I'm so excited to watch him grow into a man(even though I am okay with that taking for FOREVER.) He is my pride and joy. He is about 14 pounds now and getting the biggest double chin I have ever seen. He likes to sit up and look at everything. He sleeps most of the night now, he wakes up once to eat then right back to sleep he goes. He usually wakes up around 7-7:30 every morning and stays up till 8:30-9 then takes a morning nap. He loves the christmas tree! and of course that makes me happy because I love it too haha! Anyways, he is so perfect to me and I can't believe he just won a Cutest Baby Contest :D Go baby boy!

Dear Rylan Lee,
My gorgeous baby boy you are three months today! Happy monthly birthday! Mama loves you more then anything in this galaxy. You are seriously heaven sent and I am so thankful God has blessed me with your beautiful little soul. You like to look at EVERYTHING and I love it. You're so alert and you love watching where I go no matter who is holding you, you usually have your eyes on me. I love your little coo's and talking to me. I love your smile :D you're so perfect to me and I can't believe how fast time is going by and I really hope it slows down :( I want you to be my little baby for forever. Just remember I will always hold your hand and cuddle you when you need it! I am so proud of you sweetheart and so glad you are catching right up in weight/height and everything else! You sure like to eat a lot so that's probably why. You get super fussy if you don't eat RIGHT THEN but it's okay mama's the same way. Your eyes remind me of paint water (don't worry pretty paint water) because their such a mix of colors and it's gorgeous! Your hair is pretty colorful also, it has brown, red and blonde-ish. Silly little boy can't make up your mind already. So lately you have been liking the Christmas tree and obviously you take after your mama with that one cause your father is the Grinch. You like all the bright colors and ornaments! I wish you could stay little for forever so I can hold you and never let go but obviously I don't get my wish with that one but I will love watching you grow into a man.I can't wait to teach you about the Lord and the meaning of life. I hope I can teach you some good morals and how to treat a lady. I hope I can teach you how to respect your elders and how to clean your room. I hope I can teach you everything you need to know and be there for you every waking second of your life that you need me to. You're the most beautiful soul that I have ever put my eyes on and you will forever be my baby and I will always love you no matter what you do, remember that. Just trust in the Lord and trust in us and we will get you where you want to be in life. I love you so very much baby boy! :) By the way you look so cute snoozing on the couch with your Thank Heaven for little boys blankie. Happy 3 month birthday hunny!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Take a deeper look

29 palms, California.
Most people say they hate it here and cannot wait to leave and how there isn't anything good about this town. But lately I've been seeing it different and after hearing at bible study, you are here for a reason makes me really look into it. When you look around here, God made this town. He made it just like this for a reason and that makes it beautiful, look at the mountains around you and the Joshua Tree's. He made them just like they are, that exact mountain has that many rocks on it because He made it that way. Anything can be beautiful if you appreciate it and I am starting to look deeper into this town and see what it is all about. Like the Joshua Tree National Park people travel the country just to see and some of us haven't even been through it once. Myself have been in a few times hiking and climbing the huge boulders which in the park is absolutely gorgeous. Everyone doesn't realize you will most likely never get this chance again to live in this town which may not sound too bad but why not make the best out of it. This is a life changing experience you learn to appreciate short drives to Wal-mart like back home or grass for that matter. We are all here for a reason and we should all be thankful that we're alive and living and taking in the fresh air( okay, maybe not on base hah) but living every day for what it's worth. Life is short and we only get this day once, not again. We should be living in this moment here in 29 palms and realize most of us will not live in California ever again nor live in the desert so why not make the best out of it and enjoy it. Look for the beauty, like the sunrises and sunsets. Not think of it as only bad, yes we all miss our family back home and hometowns but you will never get this time back. You will never get to experience being a marine spouse again if your significant other doesn't reenlist-which yes I'm looking forward the the civilian world but I know I will miss it someday and why not look back and think of when I made the best out of it rather then complaining. It may seem harder then said but really look at this town that some people call home, look at what can be beautiful and what God created. Life is what you make it and putting this town down and everyone else for that matter isn't going to make your life better. Only you and God can make you better. He knew where you would be at this very moment and who you would be and who you will be. Don't take advantage of what the time you do have here on this world before you go home to the Lord. :)

This has just been heavy on my heart.
Anything can be beautiful, as long as you allow it to be and really look at it.

Monday, November 8, 2010

counting my blessings

So today is officially the best day in a very long time. I could not be more blessed if I wanted to be! God has been answering all my prayers and my families prayers also. First off, Everett, Rylan and I will be home for the holidays in Michigan! it's amazing. We will be landing in Detroit the morning of December 19th and leaving to head home January 3rd! :D pure amazing-ness. This gives us time to be able to visit everyone and hopefully even get to go up north to visit my grandma, uncle and great grandma who will be 100 in May- and is still heatlhy! it's awesome. And this gives more time hopefully for Everett's family to be able to stay more so hopefully that works out! Today our friend got home with the advanced party from Afghanistan and it's so awesome to be able to know he is safe from harm- now only for the rest of them to get home! :D Something else that has been pure heaven sent is my mom and my little brother got a HOME! :D they had to move from their old house to live in my grandma's one bedroom apartment but now they are on their own again in their own house! I couldn't be more excited for them. I could have cried of happiness. So many reasons to be blessed :D

Today is Rylan's 11 week birthday!
This weekend was really bad for him- he was super grumpy and still is. He just wants to sleep, eat and go back to sleep. He hasn't slept this much since he was a newborn during the day. So he must be going through a huge growth spurt my poor baby :( He smiles so much now even when he is grumpy though I absolutely love it. He has the cutest little baby smiles flashing his gums haha.

ahhh if you can't tell I am so beyond excited.
Now time to book our plane tickets and find somewhere for our puppy dog to spend his holidays while we're gone :[ poor guy I'll miss him

ps. The photo above is from when Everett came home for lunch this afternoon :D

Friday, November 5, 2010

most wonderful time of the year

2 updates in 2 days, I'm on a roll ;]
But anyways! I wanted to update everybody on the next couple months for us! That I can't even control my happiness for. This month our good friends are coming home from Afghanistan and we cannot wait! I'm so excited for them to finally meet Rylan. They all took ultrasound pictures of him and now they will get to hold in and see him in person! It's going to be awesome for us and for them. I can't wait for Everett to have his best buds back! And there is THANKSGIVING this month! one of my favorite holidays, for all the yummy food and to just be thankful for everything we have. This year, we're doing a potluck type thing with all my neighbors it will be nice to all get together and eat some delicious food! I can't wait! and Rylan has a super cute outfit for it too! yay! And next month, is going to be the month since August. Everett and I are going to Michigan for the holidays. The rest of my family besides my parents will get to meet Everett and of course my gorgeous baby boy it's going to be amazing! Also, Everett's mama, sisters, niece, nephew & grandma are coming up to see us well mostly Rylan but thats okay haha! I can't wait! And I turn 21 next month but I really don't care to go out and celebrate so I'm not sure what we're going to do it for it. I think I might just make us a dinner at home and hangout with my boys then when we're home go out with my family for dinner and probably order a mixed drink or something. I'm not all about going out and doing the whole shot for shot thing for my birthday so we will see how it turns out. The next couple of months will be stressful but we got this! I think that's about it! I just wanted to write about it cause I'm sooo excited! :D I am so excited for Everett to finally see what Hartland, Michigan really is. He swears that we live in this tiny little country hick town. It's kind of like that but it's noooothing like Omaha Nebraska he is going to be in for a real shock haha.

Happy November everybody! :]