Saturday, April 16, 2011

Busy Bees!

Obviously I haven't kept up with this blog. I'm a slacker what can I say! haha But anyways, things have been busy in our house. Rylan is now cutting teeth-talk about painful for the little guy. He has 2 teeth now the middle bottom ones. :) He cut one yesterday and it's still in the process of growing I guess that's what it would be considered! He started army crawling a few weeks ago and looked ever so cute. But TODAY HE STARTED CRAWLING FOR REAL :) Soooo proud of my little guy. He still army crawls but he did it & that's all I care about. He's starting to eat more table foods now also. I'll share bread, waffles and banana with him. He also really likes peach yogurt melts and the banana& sweet potato puffs. Now that he's teething he likes to constantly chew so we give him a little rice rusk and he mows on that. Hmmm idk what else has been going on but I feel like we've been on the go lately. We went to a game night-well we more just ate & hung out at Amber's. It was a lot of fun though :) Yesterday I went to Yucca with Kendra and our boys and bought a bunch of stuff...random stuff as in Kendra came home with a pool...not a kiddie pool-A POOL :) haha it was fun though. And we had Caitlin & Mike over to bbq...but turned into a george foreman grill kind of night. And Ev invited over his buds-as in like 15 kids to play airsoft in the fields :) glad he had some man bonding time ;) haha. But today is suppose to be beautiful 93 & that calls for a day at the pool. :)

I'll start updating more for the people who actually read this :)

PS. GOOOOOOOOOOOO WINGS BABY! :) Playoff game #2 today..let's kick some Phoneix butt!:)

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