Friday, September 24, 2010

Time Flies

Wow. I cannot believe my sweet baby is already a month old! I want to just stop time and savor every moment possible but obviously I can't do that so I'm just living in the moments. I looooove being a mommy! It's like the best thing that I could ever even imagine! He is getting so big! Every else think's he is so precious and tiny which duh he is precious but he is so big to us! He is growing growing growing and I want him to stop and just be my little snuggle buggy for forever! He is staying awake for about 2-3 hours at a time sometimes usually from 7am till whenever then at night before bed he stays up a good amount of time. He can follow our faces now which is so amazing! He is eating around the clock 24/7 which is hard to keep up with! But it's so worth it to continue to breastfeed. Sarah gave me this tea which I tried tonight so hopefully it works! :] Hmmm let's see..he is also fitting into size 1 diapers now instead of newborns! And, newborn shirts are too small on him but the pants/shorts still fit him. Some of the NB onesies are getting a little snug on him too and he is wearing size 3 months in carters and those look like they are starting to get a little snug too! His hair is still turning light so we will see what color he has ;) and his eyes are still pretty dark so I wouldn't be surprised if they turned brown. He still likes his swing! But would rather be snuggled with mama or daddy! And I can't really think of anything else! He has a new friend, Caleb! :] Can't wait till he can actually play wait yes I can because then he will be big and I DO NOT WANT TO GROW UP hahah. But I'll update more later about us :] Thanks for reading!

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