Friday, October 1, 2010

5 weeks old

My sweet little baby is 5 weeks old! :( I can't believe how fast time flies. He is completley grown out of newborn diapers the hospital gave me some when we were there for everett and the about snapped off of him! haha. He is now wearing size 1-2 :) and he is wearing 0-3 months clothes. Some of it is still a little big but for the most part fit him pretty good! His newborn onesies are a little snug now. I seriously can't believe how big he is! He is 10 pounds 2.6 oz, he is in the 34 percentile for weight! He is fighting a cold right now, he has a little mucus but that's about it. They gave us saline for his nose to help him breath better. He loves going for car rides if he is fussy and then we have to go somewhere he passes out as soon as we get him in the car. He also LOVESS music, if music is playing it soothes him but as soon as it turns off he gets mad usually especially on his swing or little vibrating chair. I guess he is taking after his mama with that one. He has been sleeping pretty good through out the night, some nights still every 1-2 hours but others 2-3 and eating a lot more. He is probably about 3 oz now but lately I have been mainly breastfeeding cause I haven't had the time to be a mini cow and pump lol. He loves cuddling and I love it too :)

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