Friday, August 27, 2010

As long as I'm living my baby you'll be

August 23rd, 2010 at 10:55 God blessed me with the greatest gift of all time; becoming a mother! It will forever be the best day of my life. And here is the the whole story of how I gave birth to the most precious baby in the world! On saturday, I lost my mucus plug(which I blame the old lady who checked my cervix on friday!) and I was like hmm so I read up about it and saw it was no big deal you can loose your mucus plug up to weeks before you actually give birth but if they're is bloody show you will probably deliver within 72 hours. So, I just let it go. The next morning I lost more of it and I started spotting so I was like hmm! I think this may be it but who knows. Then my contractions got out of control where it hurt to even walk but I had a doctor appointment the next day so I was doing my best to hold it off we counted the contractions and some were pretty close like 3-5 but others were spaced out. Everett insisted that we went to the hospital but I said no unless I can't talk/walk/tolerate the pain we don't need to go. So I was laying in bed watching army wives and I decided I should probably go to bed so I went to lay down and my contractions got so bad I broke down and started bawling my eyes out. I tried to just let it pass and would get up to go to the bathroom and seriously had to like tip toe so the pain wouldn't get even worse well that woke up Everett and he is like we are going to the hospital! So, my neighbor Brandy was like !!! I am driving you to the hospital since her biggest goal in life is to drive a pregnant lady to the the hospital. haha. So about 12:30 am we went and I kept getting really bad contractions the whole way to Joshua Tree which is about 15 minutes away. Then we got there and the lady was all taking her sweet time getting me checked in and being like soo what are you here for? Um, I'm about to have a baby that's why I'm here! hah. But I got put in the wheel chair and brought back to Labor & Delivery got brought into the triage room and put on the monitor they didn't really say how close my contractions were but then they checked my cervix and I was 4cm and 80% effaced so they called Dr. Kasko and he said to admit me. So they brought me into the delivery room and got me all set up and took blood and said once I got the blood work back then they would give me my epidural. That's where it really set in that I was going to have my son soon! So I think by 2am they came in and was like your blood work came back fine, time for you epidural! So the lady came in and I was super scared but it really didn't hurt to awful bad but within 10 minutes I went from in tons of pain to happy! :] so then after I got my epidural in and cathader they checked my cervix again and I was a 6cm and 90% effaced! so basically it was just the waiting game after that. But then Rylan's heart beat started to go down and same with mine a little bit after they gave me the epidural. They had to put an oxygen mask on me and have me lay on my left side until I was ready to push because that was the only position that kept our heartbeats up. They came back in probably around 6am and told me I was 9cm and 100% effaced so they would either wait till my water broke or I hit 10 and would break my water for me. Dr. Kasko came in around 7 or so and told me I was 10 cm and he broke my water for me and had me start doing the pushing exercises to get him lowered and waited for my epidural to wear off more which obviously wasn't fun. I pushed for 2 hours to just get him past my pelvic bone which was insanely painful. I remember going in and out of what was going on. They were putting me in different positions trying to help Rylan come but nothing was really working finally Rylan decided to start cooperating with us! They said they would call Kasko in once his head was visible. Liz(my favorite nurse) and Carmelette(the main nurse) were the ones who were making sure everything was okay then they said to get Kasko there. So I was like yay! about time I will be done with the pain and meeting my beautiful son which I couldn't even believe that was going to happen. Then all of sudden they said we got a respiratory! Get the ER & respiratory team up here now! and was shouting about where Kasko was. I was like don't tell me what's going on because I'll freak out. So they didn't but all I knew was that probably meant he was going to be taken straight from me and transferred to palm springs for the Nicu. But then of course Kasko was taking his sweet time and Carmellete said if Kasko didn't get there she was going to deliver my baby. Finalllly! He came flying in and came over and within 10 minutes I had Rylan! They put him straight on my chest and all I could say is, this is my baby boy and I kept repeating it over and over. Then they said he wasn't crying so they had to take him. And as soon as he was born I remember looking at Everett and he was crying. The most beautiful thing I've ever seen. But after that, I had to get stitches and all of that then finally I got my baby boy back in my arms :] He was the most perfect thing I've ever seen in my entire life. I still can't believe how perfect he is and how much I love being a mother. I will never regret being pregnant or anything like that. He was worth all the pain uncomfortable-ness and weight gain. He made my life coming into this world and I can't wait to raise him! I was pretty lucky though to be in the hospital and have him within 10ish hours of being there and push for 4 hours and released from the hospital 24 hours after I had him especially with him being only 36 weeks and 3 days he came out perfectly healthy at 6 pounds and 7 oz and is 18 3/4 inches long they said if he would have waited a week or two he would have been 8 or 9 pounds :] I love him so very much and I can't wait to share him with my family. My dad & Joanie will be here tomorrow and Everett's mom will be here on the 4th and I am so excited! :D But if you read all this thank you for reading about the best possible day of my life <3

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  1. I cried :( I am so happy for you my dear. And ev too. Cant wait to meet the 2 special men in your life. Ive already met your dad and best friend. hehe
    Im glad you had a basically easy labor. <3 you.