Monday, August 30, 2010

One week old!

My baby is already a week old today! :( I can't believe how fast time has gone since he has been here but it has been amazing. I love being a mommy! But he is doing awesome! Today he had his one week check up and he is 6 pounds 15 oz and 19 1/2 inches! He is growing like a weed and the doctor said it's like I have miracle grow as breast milk hahah! He said we're doing a perfect job whatever we're doing so that made me feel good. We're waiting to figure out when he can be circumcised because they didn't do it at Hi Desert because "we didn't make arrangements prior." but hopefully it will be within the next week because they won't do it after next week until he is 6 months old due to more risks for infections and stuff. But I want to do it as soon as possible so it's the least painful it can be. My poor guy :( But anyways, the doctor said he looks absolutely perfect and healthy! He doesn't go back till his 2 month check up besides his circumcision. Other then that, he is doing great with breastfeeding and latching on and taking bottles so I'm proud of him! He has been having a little troubles with thinking night is day but we will get that switched around. He's eating more and being a lot more alert so I love the times he is cuddly and when he is eyes wide open checking everything out! But he is loving having his papa & grandma joanie here too! and so are Everett & I. Tomorrow we're going to Big Bear so hopefully Rylan will do good on the drive there and like being by green instead of desert haha! But that's all! :] I'll update later this week! Oh and today I noticed his little eye lashes he is so precious I love my perfect family. Ps. the picture was of Rylan at his doctor today!

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