Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My life in a nutshell.

Hey! So I thought I would start a blog so basically I could update everyone about basically my entire life and I thought it will work out pretty awesome once Rylan gets here so I can update everyone on all the things he is learning and doing and basically everything I'm absolutely adoring about him. So, basically whats new in my life lately is nothing to exciting. I can't really do much since I was put on bed rest at 32 weeks pregnant( which I'm now 35 weeks, 36 on this friday!) so I just basically lay around and attempt to clean when I can and make dinner for Ev :] Since so many people asked about what's going on with the doctors and hospital I guess I'll just say the whole story here.

At 30 weeks I was put on the NST machines which is a contraction monitor and monitors Rylan's heartbeat because I told him I was having sharp pains and I really wasn't sure what they are. Well when Dr. Kasko came in to check it out he is like are you having any contractions? and I'm like umm nope! And he is like, uh yes you are. So he prescribed me Terbuatline Sulfate 2.5 mg and I started taking that every 4 hours and was told to come back in a week later. Well, I did and my contractions seemed to worsen but he just sent me home after he gave me a shot of the terbutaline. Well when I went in at 32 weeks he took one look at the contractions and told me to go to the hospital. Everett & I were super nervous but we didn't really show it I think secretly we were both trying to be strong for eachother. But anyways, once I got to the hospital I did the usual pee in a cup, blood pressure and a milllion question game. Then they came in and gave me a pelvic exam to see if I could possibly go into labor within a week- the results came back positive. So they ordered an ultrasound to see Rylan's development so far. He was measuring a week early & weighing approx. 4.9 oz and they said he looked pretty healthy! But anyways, after that they kept me giving me terbutaline shots to get my contractions under control. Which they ended up giving me 6 through out the day. Then Dr. Kasko came in demanding all sorts of things and said that I needed to stay over night. After that, I just hung out and was just wondering what the heck was going on and to be honest, scared to death. Eventually, they gave me the steroid shot for his lungs and basically was preparing me for him to be born early 6 weeks, well technically 8 but 6 would be fullterm. Then they told me that I was going to need to be taken down to Desert Regional which is in Palm Springs because incase I went into labor they had the NICU there to be able to handle Rylan because they didn't have what it took to keep him healthy basically. So after hours of waiting I went on my first ambulance ride to the new hospital. Once I got checked in they just did hourly checks because I had the IV of Magnesium Sulfate and they needed to check my lungs to make sure it wasn't effecting me badly. The next morning I met Dr. Perez and he checked me and all of that. Then they gave me another steroid shot, for the just incase he was born early stuff. Then eventually my contractions eased up so after a 4 day hospital stay I got to go home but on strict bed rest. :] then I went into the Dr 2 days later and basically nothing really happened but then at 35 weeks I went in for my weekly contraction check up and he said, yet again that I needed to go to the hospital. My contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and got a little uncomfortable but I could tolerate the pain. But they gave me my terbutaline and just monitored me, got another ultrasound and he looked perfect as usual :] After 3 days, I got sent home. Now I'm just waiting to see what's going on and when I'll have him! Tomorrow is my next appointment so hopefully they are a bit more in control.

Other then the preterm labor crap, there really isn't much going on. All I know is I'm beyond thankful for my amazing amazing amazing love of my life Everett! And, all my friends who have helped me out and been so amazingly supportive through out all of this you guys are truly the best! But I should probably go to bed now since it's 12:30 am and I have to get up at 8 and tomorrow is Everett's first day off in forever! My poor guy has been working all sorts of crazy hours can't wait for this mojave viper support crap to end! Okay, Goood Night!

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