Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Take a deeper look

29 palms, California.
Most people say they hate it here and cannot wait to leave and how there isn't anything good about this town. But lately I've been seeing it different and after hearing at bible study, you are here for a reason makes me really look into it. When you look around here, God made this town. He made it just like this for a reason and that makes it beautiful, look at the mountains around you and the Joshua Tree's. He made them just like they are, that exact mountain has that many rocks on it because He made it that way. Anything can be beautiful if you appreciate it and I am starting to look deeper into this town and see what it is all about. Like the Joshua Tree National Park people travel the country just to see and some of us haven't even been through it once. Myself have been in a few times hiking and climbing the huge boulders which in the park is absolutely gorgeous. Everyone doesn't realize you will most likely never get this chance again to live in this town which may not sound too bad but why not make the best out of it. This is a life changing experience you learn to appreciate short drives to Wal-mart like back home or grass for that matter. We are all here for a reason and we should all be thankful that we're alive and living and taking in the fresh air( okay, maybe not on base hah) but living every day for what it's worth. Life is short and we only get this day once, not again. We should be living in this moment here in 29 palms and realize most of us will not live in California ever again nor live in the desert so why not make the best out of it and enjoy it. Look for the beauty, like the sunrises and sunsets. Not think of it as only bad, yes we all miss our family back home and hometowns but you will never get this time back. You will never get to experience being a marine spouse again if your significant other doesn't reenlist-which yes I'm looking forward the the civilian world but I know I will miss it someday and why not look back and think of when I made the best out of it rather then complaining. It may seem harder then said but really look at this town that some people call home, look at what can be beautiful and what God created. Life is what you make it and putting this town down and everyone else for that matter isn't going to make your life better. Only you and God can make you better. He knew where you would be at this very moment and who you would be and who you will be. Don't take advantage of what the time you do have here on this world before you go home to the Lord. :)

This has just been heavy on my heart.
Anything can be beautiful, as long as you allow it to be and really look at it.

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