Friday, November 5, 2010

most wonderful time of the year

2 updates in 2 days, I'm on a roll ;]
But anyways! I wanted to update everybody on the next couple months for us! That I can't even control my happiness for. This month our good friends are coming home from Afghanistan and we cannot wait! I'm so excited for them to finally meet Rylan. They all took ultrasound pictures of him and now they will get to hold in and see him in person! It's going to be awesome for us and for them. I can't wait for Everett to have his best buds back! And there is THANKSGIVING this month! one of my favorite holidays, for all the yummy food and to just be thankful for everything we have. This year, we're doing a potluck type thing with all my neighbors it will be nice to all get together and eat some delicious food! I can't wait! and Rylan has a super cute outfit for it too! yay! And next month, is going to be the month since August. Everett and I are going to Michigan for the holidays. The rest of my family besides my parents will get to meet Everett and of course my gorgeous baby boy it's going to be amazing! Also, Everett's mama, sisters, niece, nephew & grandma are coming up to see us well mostly Rylan but thats okay haha! I can't wait! And I turn 21 next month but I really don't care to go out and celebrate so I'm not sure what we're going to do it for it. I think I might just make us a dinner at home and hangout with my boys then when we're home go out with my family for dinner and probably order a mixed drink or something. I'm not all about going out and doing the whole shot for shot thing for my birthday so we will see how it turns out. The next couple of months will be stressful but we got this! I think that's about it! I just wanted to write about it cause I'm sooo excited! :D I am so excited for Everett to finally see what Hartland, Michigan really is. He swears that we live in this tiny little country hick town. It's kind of like that but it's noooothing like Omaha Nebraska he is going to be in for a real shock haha.

Happy November everybody! :]

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