Monday, November 8, 2010

counting my blessings

So today is officially the best day in a very long time. I could not be more blessed if I wanted to be! God has been answering all my prayers and my families prayers also. First off, Everett, Rylan and I will be home for the holidays in Michigan! it's amazing. We will be landing in Detroit the morning of December 19th and leaving to head home January 3rd! :D pure amazing-ness. This gives us time to be able to visit everyone and hopefully even get to go up north to visit my grandma, uncle and great grandma who will be 100 in May- and is still heatlhy! it's awesome. And this gives more time hopefully for Everett's family to be able to stay more so hopefully that works out! Today our friend got home with the advanced party from Afghanistan and it's so awesome to be able to know he is safe from harm- now only for the rest of them to get home! :D Something else that has been pure heaven sent is my mom and my little brother got a HOME! :D they had to move from their old house to live in my grandma's one bedroom apartment but now they are on their own again in their own house! I couldn't be more excited for them. I could have cried of happiness. So many reasons to be blessed :D

Today is Rylan's 11 week birthday!
This weekend was really bad for him- he was super grumpy and still is. He just wants to sleep, eat and go back to sleep. He hasn't slept this much since he was a newborn during the day. So he must be going through a huge growth spurt my poor baby :( He smiles so much now even when he is grumpy though I absolutely love it. He has the cutest little baby smiles flashing his gums haha.

ahhh if you can't tell I am so beyond excited.
Now time to book our plane tickets and find somewhere for our puppy dog to spend his holidays while we're gone :[ poor guy I'll miss him

ps. The photo above is from when Everett came home for lunch this afternoon :D

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