Thursday, November 4, 2010

Live in the moment

I am so slacking on this whole keeping everyone informed on our little family. So this blog will be the shorter version of what has happened the past couple of weeks. :] Rylan is now 10 weeks old and growing more each day. He is starting to develop his own little personality he coo's and smiles all the time now. I couldn't be more proud of our sweet baby, you most definitely cannot tell he was a month early. He is in the 46% percentile for his weight and they say his head is small and it's 23% percentile. Last time he got weighed he was 12 pounds! and 23 inches he is a little growing machine. He recently had his 2 month check up and he got shots! :[ poor baby. I couldn't bare seeing him in pain so I made his daddy take him back I got sick to my stomach to where I thought I was going to throw up, yeah I'm a bit emotional I'd say. Speaking of my emotions every time on 16 and pregnant when they deliver their baby I cry like a huuuuuge baby. It reminds me of the most amazing day of my life. So other then that Everett has a doctors appointment November 19th, so this month and we're hoping to find out some answers on what has been going on because he has his good days along with the bad but all we can do is pray for his health to get back to normal. I've been still going to Bible Study on Mondays and hanging out with some friends! And, Everett has been busy working as usual then home to spend time with us. We had his friends over the night for me to make them a farewell dinner and for them to xbox it up. I'm so looking forward to our friends getting home from Afghanistan here soon so Everett can have a social life again. I so cannot wait to show off our baby to them so they can finally meet their nephew! Let's see..other then that we really don't got much going on just being a sweet little family. Oh, oh halloween we watched scary movies all day and then went to the Harvest Festival at our church Joshua Springs Calvary Church and it was pretty fun just more directed towards kids who can actually play games then we came home and Ev surprised me with candy and then we watched Casper meets Wendy :) I'm so blessed with my life, I couldn't be more thankful.

Also, lately I've been reading peoples status' on facebook and majority of them are so degrading towards people and just putting everyone down and saying how much they hate their life or how they can't wait for this day,week, month, year to be over. Honestly, embrace life. That's my advice to everyone life is short, I guess you realize that when you live the "military life style" but when you hear about young people dying all the time and saying "see ya later" to people who become more like family then friends you learn to cherish the time you have on this world. Yes, I do believe in Heaven and seeing your loved ones again but while you can be here on earth you should take advantage of the time you have and not rush through it. I also learned having a son I don't want time to fly by yes I can't wait to see Everett at the end of the day but I'm okay with time going slow so I can spend time with my gorgeous son. I feel like everyone is always looking forward to the next hour, next day,next month, next year when nothing is wrong with looking forward to something but you need to live in the moment you are in, not the next. Live your life to the fullest, don't put someone down to make yourself feel better. Calling someone stupid isn't going to make you know anything more, saying that someone looks ugly most definitely doesn't make you any better looking, saying that someone isn't Christan doesn't make you love God anymore, talking about someone doesn't make it a good conversation. I want everyone to look back at their life and be happy and smile. Not look back and wish you could have or should have done something different. You have the power to change it and God has a plan for you and it most certainly doesn't just involve drinking and seeing how many guys you can get to look at you. All of you girls are gorgeous without having to do what everyone else is. I read somewhere, Dress like God is standing next to you and act like you are talking to him. Yes, he is with everyone of us every second of the day but try it and see how much of a better person you will be. You don't feel the need to curse or degrade people. :) I know, I'm not the most positive person on this planet and I don't always talk with the cleanest mouth and dress in a snowsuit. But I plan on making a better me, without all the garbage and extra add ons. :) I'm sorry about the rambling but it's just been heavy on my heart. Be who you are, for you and nobody else. That's the last thing I have to say <3

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